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06/05 12:00
US 2024 Next President Elected (All In/No Refunds)
U.S. Presidential Election 2024
Kamala Harris +3771
Mike Pence +13416
Nikki Haley +4000
Joe Biden +160
Andrew Yang +100000
Pete Buttigieg +10000
Michelle Obama +1504
Bernie Sanders +32500
Beto O Rourke +80000
Donald Trump +225
Stacey Abrams +100000
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez +27500
Andrew Cuomo +85000
Tim Scott +4800
Elizabeth Warren +36500
John Kasich +100000
Mark Cuban +35000
Ted Cruz +80000
Michael Bloomberg +20371
Amy Klobuchar +30000
Cory Booker +85000
Donald Trump Jr. +40000
Gretchen Whitmer +8000
Josh Hawley +100000
Dan Crenshaw +100000
Deval Patrick +100000
Sherrod Brown +85000
Tom Cotton +80000
Tulsi Gabbard +30000
Ron DeSantis +400
Mike Pompeo +0
Tucker Carlson +8500
Val Demmings +100000
Kristi Noem +25000
Hillary Clinton +10382
Michael Bennet +60000
Candace Owens +100000
Gavin Newsom +2240
Glenn Youngkin +12500
Liz Cheney +46500
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. +1495
Vivek Ramaswamy +9376

06/05 12:00
U.S. Presidential Election 2024 - Winning Party
U.S. Presidential Election 2024
Democratic Party -122
Republican Party +102
Any Other +1911

Last update: Tuesday, May 30th 3:01 pm PT

Where can I bet on US Elections live?

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How do I bet on US Elections and win?

Most common US Elections betting tips and strategies include:

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Where can I find US Elections?

BOOKMAKER.EU offers many US Elections:
U.S. Presidential Election 2024
U.S. Presidential Election 2024