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10/10 00:00
Odds to Win League of Legends - World Championship
League of Legends - World Championship
JD Gaming +105
Bilibili Gaming +770
KT Rolster +1150
Fnatic +3900
NRG +9700
Team BDS +29000
LOUD +48500
Detonation FocusMe +97000
LNG Esports +485
T1 +910
Dplus KIA +1350
MAD Lions +6400
Team Liquid +19500
PSG Talon +39000
CTBC Flying Oyster +73500
Movistar R7 +143000
Gen.G +575
Weibo Gaming +970
G2 Esports +2450
Cloud9 +7750
Golden Guardians +29000
GAM Esports +44000
Team Whales +87500

10/13 06:00
Odds to Win Dota 2 The International
DOTA 2 - The International
Gaimin Gladiators +330
BB Team +690
Azure Ray +950
Shopify Rebellion +1700
Entity +2300
Team SMG +4400
nouns +19000
Team Liquid +355
Team Spirit +570
Quest Esports +1350
Talon Esports +2150
Evil Geniuses +3200
TSM +7000
Keyd Stars +15000
Tundra Esports +640
LGD Gaming +900
9pandas +1550
beastcoast +2185
Virtus Pro +4850
Thunder Awaken +12500

Last update: Tuesday, September 26th 7:20 pm PT

Where can I bet on E-Sports Futures live?

You can bet live on E-Sports Futures play-by-play as the action unfolds at BookMaker.eu. E-Sports Futures odds and props are updated in real time on selected televised E-Sports Futures matches. Bet on real time E-Sports Futures spreads, E-Sports Futures totals and E-Sports Futures props while watching the game on TV. E-Sports Futures bets are graded within seconds and your account credited instantly.

How do I bet on E-Sports Futures and win?

Most common E-Sports Futures betting tips and strategies include:

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Where can I find E-Sports Futures?

BOOKMAKER.EU offers many E-Sports Futures:
League of Legends - World Championship
DOTA 2 - The International