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06/14 14:00
FIFA World Cup 2026
Odds to Win FIFA World Cup 2026 - All in
Brazil +565
France +550
England +625
Argentina +800
Spain +900
Germany +1100
Portugal +1300
Netherlands +1700
Italy +2200
Belgium +3300
Uruguay +3300
USA +4000
Mexico +5500
Croatia +6600
Denmark +6000
Japan +7000
Switzerland +10000
Morocco +7000
Serbia +15000
Norway +8000
Chile +20000
Ecuador +15000
Canada +10000
Sweden +15000
Algeria +20000
Nigeria +20000
South Korea +15000
Senegal +15000
Egypt +22500
Austria +25000
Poland +20000
Paraguay +30000
Turkey +20000
Peru +35000
Cameroon +30000
Venezuela +50000
Hungary +50000
Scotland +40000
Greece +50000
Colombia +13500
Bolivia +50000
Iran +50000
Tunisia +25000
Australia +50000
Ukraine +20000
Czech Republic +50000
Slovakia +50000
South Africa +50000
Honduras +100000
Costa Rica +100000
China +50000
Panama +75000
Albania +100000
United Arab Emirates +100000
Slovenia +50000
Israel +50000
Republic of Ireland +100000
Jamaica +100000
Bulgaria +100000
Finland +100000
Wales +35000

Last update: Wednesday, May 29th 6:40 pm PT

Where can I bet on FIFA WC Futures live?

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How do I bet on FIFA WC Futures and win?

Most common FIFA WC Futures betting tips and strategies include:

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Where can I find FIFA WC Futures?

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Odds to Win FIFA World Cup 2026 - All in