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Time Team Goal Line Total Moneyline
Jordan -1 -1497
Saudi Arabia +1 +2956
Draw +717
Nepal +0.25 +2438
Yemen -0.25 +702
Draw -1372

Last update: Tuesday, June 11th 8:00 pm PT

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What's the lock of today?

It's definitely Jordan -1497 (soccer)

Jordan favorite today?

The over-under is 3½ goals. Jordan favorite -1 goals. Jordan money line is -1497 against Saudi Arabia +2956. Start Time: Jun/11 @ 11am PT

What is the goal line on Yemen today?

Yemen -0.25 goals. The over-under is 4½ goals. Nepal money line is +702 against Yemen +2438. Start Time: Tuesday, June 11th @ 11:00 am PT