Giron, Marcos vs Lehecka, Jiri Betting Odds

🕑 6/01 8:10am PST

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Time Team Line Moneyline Total
Lehecka, Jiri +10 +1286 26
Giron, Marcos -10 -4425 26
Draw -

Last update: Thursday, June 1st 5:00 PM

Where can I bet on Lehecka, Jiri vs Giron, Marcos?

Bookmaker betting odds: Giron, Marcos favorite -10 . Giron, Marcos moneyline is -4425 against Lehecka, Jiri +1286. The over/under is 26 .

What time is Lehecka, Jiri vs. Giron, Marcos?

Starting Time: 6/01 8:10am PST. Bet LIVE on Lehecka, Jiri vs Giron, Marcos play-by-play and many more tennis lines at Bookmaker